Some very unexpected happy news

We got a letter the other day from Mr Michel Bercovy in France.
He tells us about the 30 Harlekin (Harlequin) ex S-188 that was exported from Sweden to England about 1960. No one here had heard about her and we all thought that she had long ago passed away.

But look at the photos!

Harlekin sailing Harlekin on land

Harlekin, a Nilsson design from 1948, is still sailing, and in good shape. She is in Port Grimaud in France (Mediterranean). Next year she will attend regattas in the Mediterranean with new sails. Letís hope for wind. One can expect that she is quite lonely there, and Square Metres are best with a good breeze. At least compared to other yachts.

So Harlekin, Bon Voyage.

Olle Madebrink,