More about the 30s in South Africa

Original article (PDF) by Craig Dalgarno.

More people have points of view about the photograph from Durban harbour. Mr Kaj Siik, a well known Swedish 6 meter sailor who owned a 30 in the early 60:s has kindly provided us with the following information. He agrees that the boat to the left does not look like a Laurin design. He also sends us two photos, scanned from an old newspaper.

Several 30 metre boats starting a race
Start in South Africa with the two Laurin yachts closest to the camera. Number SA 1 is Mariquita and SA 182 is Trickson II. As anyone can see the Laurin designs are shorter and have a more blunt bows. The sharp bow behind Trickson is most likely Tintomara.
30s outside Durban
30s outside Durban (from original article).
Rapid in heavy weather
Rapid, the biggest 30 ever built in "her favourite weather".

Olle Madebrink,