Metre Boat activity at the south end of Lake Huron.

Our request for reports from all over the world has had another answer. Mr Harry Levack from Lake Huron has sent us a brief report, promising more when he gets the time to write. We are looking forward to that:

In the past 15 years, the Port Huron Yacht Club and the Sarnia Yacht Club joint race program has seen a high of seven 30s to a low of three 30s racing. This year, five boats will compete. Several more are in various stages of restoration. We are hopeful of seeing the fleet of 30s grow to eight within 2 years. The 2003 fleet includes Viking, Moose and Lil Singva - three boats that competed at Marble head in 1938, Pow Wow and Evintea (formerly Roulette VII, Knud Reimers personal boat). Nagala, Josephine and one or two others are being rebuilt. Vim was last seen in northwestern Michigan.

We know of a few other 30 Square Metre boats in North America. Many of the owners have visited PHYC.
We would like to hear from other metre boat owners.

For the 30 Square sailors at PHYC and SYC, I wish you good sailing.

Best Regards, Harry Levack

Olle Madebrink,